Terra Running Company is basically a curated store of all of my favorite things! As the buyer for footwear, apparel, and all of our accessories, I get to stock up on all the running gear I think is the best of the best! That being said, I do have some favorites of my favorites I’d love to share with you.

  1. Brooks Bedlam 3: This is my go-to running shoe and has been for a few years. I love the DNA Amp midsole, which is a bit firmer but returns the energy back up to my legs as I run on hard road surfaces. I am obsessed with the knit upper that fits like a sock and it so stylish. It never moves, which is fabulous because nothing is worse than stopping mid-run to fix the tongue on your shoe.
  2. Garmin Forerunner 245 Music: Garmin makes the best GPS watches, hands down. The GPS is accurate, the heart rate is always recording and you can watch it live, and the durability is second to none. My current favorite model is the Forerunner 245 Music, which is sporty, not too big for my tiny wrist, and holds up to 500 song files on the watch. I download workout playlists from Spotify right onto my watch and pair it with my Bluetooth headphones, and I’m able to head right out the door without my phone. I love switching the bands from pink silicone for running to brown leather when I dress up.
  3. Pro Hair Ties: Me and Sue discovered these hair ties at a running trade show last year, and we were hooked! They’re the only hair ties I use now, even when I’m not running. We have lots of colors to match any outfit, and they look like a bracelet when on your wrist. There is a small plastic hook that you undo to take the hair tie out without having to yank out your hair. It’s brilliant, and makes me wonder every day why I didn’t invent these myself!
  4. Stroopwaffles: These waffles are made by Gu, so they have all the properties of running nutrition, but they’re also so tasty I eat one with my morning coffee. If you can’t force down a gel on your run, or need a quick snack after work and before your run, Gu’s Stroopwaffles are the way to go. My favorite flavor is Smores.
W Bedlam 3
pro hair tie