There are plenty of places to shoot the perfect picture for your Instagram feed in Cleveland, Tennessee. As one of the most scenic cities in Tennessee, you’ll find natural beauty within the forest and many outdoor activities in the area as well as some of the best wine and brewery spots in the state. Check out five of the most Instagrammable spots in Cleveland, Tennessee during your next trip to the area.

  1. Cherokee National Forest

If you are looking to get out into nature and enjoy all that it has to offer than the Cherokee National Forest is the place to go. With over 640,000 acres at your disposal, the Cherokee National Forest sees millions of visitors each year. The forest is filled with many different types of animals including mammals, fish, amphibians, and birds so be on the lookout for some wildlife picture opportunities. Visitors can hike along many different kinds of trails including those that are rated from easy to advanced. The Cherokee National Forest is located within the Southern part of the Appalachian mountain range making this area a beautiful one for the perfect Insta-worthy pic.

  1. Morris Vineyard

This family owned and operated vineyard features the amazing Tennessee Mountainview Winery as well as the opportunity for visitors to pick their very own fruit off the vine. Morris Vineyard was established in 1965 and currently grows more than 28 varieties of muscadines as well as grapes and berries. You’ll find more than 50 acres of farmland that offer a beautiful view of the surround mountains as well as an up close and personal view of the amazing fruit that is produced in this area.

  1. Rafting on the Ocoee

If you are looking for adventure spots to flood your Instagram feed with the most epic shots look no further than rafting down the Ocoee River. This is the only Olympic River in America and there are plenty of rafting outfitters who would be happy to take you down the amazing rapids. You’ll see Class III and Class IV Whitewater rapids that are well known for being some of the best whitewater rafting in the nation. Make sure your phone is waterproof and bring extra dry bags in order to catch every detail of this amazing outing without sacrificing your most prized possession.

  1. Red Clay State Historic Park

As an important part of the history of the Cherokee Nation, Red Clay State Historic Park strives to educated visitors about the lives of those before us. Over 230 acres make up the park which includes a Cherokee farm and council house that offers a glimpse into what the area may have looked like centuries ago. There is a 400,000 gallon producing spring as well as many artifacts and exhibits within an interpretive center on the grounds. Learn all about the Trail of Tears and how it affected these early residents of our nation. 

  1. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Mausoleum

Built by the Craigmiles family, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Mausoleum were constructed in memory of Nina Craigmiles who died tragically at the age of 7. While the church is a beautiful brick building that features a bell tower, many visitors are drawn to the white marble mausoleum that is featured behind the church. The mausoleum that was built to hold Nina’s remains, as well as the rest of the remains of her family, is thought to be one of the few examples of the Oxford Movement American Gothic architecture in the world. The white carrera marble used for the mausoleum is stunningly beautiful as well and the intricate devotion of love that Nina’s father put into building it is very evident.

From epic whitewater rafting to amazing views of the national forest to historic architecture, Cleveland and the surrounding area has something for every Instagrammer. You’ll find opportunities to capture the true beauty of the area as well as all of the fun that a weekend in Cleveland can offer. Consider visiting all of these places for these five most Instagrammable spots in Cleveland.

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