This past Friday, my family and I attended the first of the Friday Festivals. We met up with some friends around 6:30 to set up our chairs and then went to a nearby local restaurant while we waited for the band to start. The event is sponsored by WACKER Charleston and is presented by MainStreet Cleveland and the Cleveland Bradley/Chamber of Commerce.

The Tommy John Band featuring Yattie Westfield was performing the night we were there. After spending over a year in the house for quarantine, it was nice to get out and listen to some live music! Around 8 pm there was a short intermission and while two of the members were taking a break, the lead singer who was also playing guitar, decided to play the guitar and drums at the same time! It was such a unique experience!

Each Friday in June, live music is presented at the First Street Square. This area is pretty flat so it’s accessible to everyone. It’s perfect for friends getting together, bringing children, and even dogs! All of the performances are from 7-9 p.m. and are free thanks to Wacker Charleston. It’s a great chance to have a picnic, spend some time with friends and family, and listen to a variety of great music! To learn more about what’s going on in Cleveland, click This is the most up to date calendar of everything going on and where to find it!