There’s truly nothing like Valentine’s Day in the south.

The air is crisp but not too cold. The sky shines bright, accented each day with breathtaking sunrise and sunsets. Some years, the weather is just warm enough to have an afternoon picnic, hike or stroll with your Valentine.

It’s 2018, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Love is in the air, and couples are beginning to plan surprises for their significant other. Order flowers and make dinner reservations. Stop by a unique shop and pick up something unexpected. No matter what you plan on doing for Valentine’s Day, we believe that your plans should begin in Cleveland, Charleston and beyond!

Why should you choose our neck of the woods to plan your Valentine’s celebration? Well, the answers is quite simple: we know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day right.

Are you planning an outdoor adventure in hopes of a warm day? We have you covered. Take a stroll with your date on Cleveland’s greenway. The greenway is an urban trail that goes on for miles with access near some of Cleveland’s shops and restaurants. Want to make the walk even more special? Bring a picnic and a blanket and surprise your date with a romantic meal under the shade of the trees!

For more high adventure, consider a romantic horse ride for two at Ocoee Horseride. The mountain views from the outpost and trails are spectacular. A firepit is available to make the occasion cozy on a crisp afternoon.

Do you want a romantic, unique dinner? We have you covered there too. With local options that include everything from gourmet to simple, Italian to Mexican, and everything in-between. Simply take a moment to search for the type of dining you want on your special date, and you’re sure to find an option even better than what you had in mind.

With a wide range of hotels and lodging options, our area is just as great for those who are traveling as it is for locals. No matter where you’re from, we’ll be sure to greet you with a smile, some delicious food and delicious “sweet tea” for you and your “sweetie!”

With all of this in mind, we would like to humbly recommend Cleveland, Charleston and beyond for your Valentine’s Day getaway. No matter where you celebrate, we wish you love, joy and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s Celebrate, Y’all!