Runner ShadowThe holiday season is busy during a normal year, and 2020 has only brought more challenges! The days are shorter, the air is chilly, and there are lists of things to do and buy. This time of year is the hardest to remember to take time for yourself, but it’s also the most important! Here are some tips for making time to activity during the busy time of year!

  1. Walk and talk: Have appointments to make? Calls to catch up on? Go for a walk and talk! If you were walking during that 30 minute work call, you’d have also snuck inn a 30 minute walk without losing anything!
  2. Make that shopping trip worth it: Park further away next time you go to the store, whether its for groceries or to cross people off your gift list. If you have a fitness tracker, turn it on before you go into the store and make a goal of getting a mile in while you’re there! We do more walking while we shop in big stores than we realize, so be intentional about it!
  3. Stretch those cold muscles: Cuddling under blankets for a movie is the best during the winter, but it’s also a recipe for tight muscles! While you watch the next Hallmark Christmas movie, get up off the couch and stretch for 10 minutes. It’s amazing how much tension we hold in our muscles, especially during the cold weather.
  4. Change it up: Don’t be afraid to try something new, just for you! In between baking for others, buying gifts for others, and wishing everyone a merry time of year, remember to take care of yourself. If there a yoga class you’ve always wanted to try? Did you used to swim, but got out of the habit? Is there a spring race you’d love to run? Seize the day!