On my list of places to visit while “Rediscovering My Hometown” was the Museum Center at 5ive Points. The Museum was opened to the public on September 11, 1999 and has held both permanent and rotating exhibits ever since. The building is both a museum and cultural center that houses exhibits and artifacts relating to the history of the Ocoee Region of Tennessee, which includes Bradley, Polk, and east Hamilton County.

When I visited the temporary exhibits included: Moonshine and Crimes, Stepping Through Time: A History of Shoes from 1800 to Present Day, the First Inhabitants, and the Women’s Suffrage Movement. These are changed out throughout the year with new exhibits so there is always something new to learn. The museum does house two permanent exhibits which include the Red Back Hymnal display and a large exhibit which specifically covers the history pertaining to archaeology, settlement, industry, and military, as well as the 1996 Olympics which was my favorite from the permanent exhibit.

I really enjoyed my time at the museum! I learned so much and it was clear that the museum staff has gone to great lengths to make the exhibits a fun experience while also preserving and portraying the history of Cleveland. Outside the Museum is the Cherokee Chieftain. This is a large sculpture which was carved and gifted to the city in 1974 from sculptor Peter “Wolf” Toth. The sculpture acts as a reminder of the significant Cherokee heritage we have in our area. I think it’s so special that Cleveland was presented the Cherokee Chieftain, as at least one sculptor resides in each of the 50 states. These works are collectively known as the Trail of the Whispering Giants.

I also learned that the Museum holds a lot of events. During the summer for instance they hold summer camps for children. Occasional movie showings happen on the lawn, such as the showing of Wild River, filmed primarily in Charleston and Cleveland in 1960. There’s always something going on which can help you get more involved with the community. If you have some extra time, visiting the museum is a must! It really helped me learn a lot of local history and gain a better understanding of what makes Cleveland what it is today!