1. Is Terra a chain?

Nope! Terra Running Company in Cleveland, TN is the only one of it’s kind and we are locally owned.

  1. Are your shoes more expensive?

No way! We get all of our shoes straight from the brand, meaning there’s no distributor. The brands set the pricing and hold retailers to it. That means you won’t find any current model for any less expensive anywhere else, even online. Any old model of shoe we have left in stock that is not price protected is discount and we match the retailers website. All that means our shoes are the same as anywhere else, plus you get our 5 star customer service!

  1. Do I have to be a runner to shop with you?

Of course not! We sell shoes to walkers, runners, people who stand on their feet all day for work, patients recommended to us by podiatrists all over town, and anyone with feet! You don’t have to be a runner!

  1. Do I need an appointment to be fit for shoes? Does it cost money?

You don’t need an appointment to be fit (we were taking appointments only for a short time during COVID shutdowns). Every one of our staff members is trained to fit customers for shoes, so be confident that you’ll be helped by a smart, trained, experienced staff member no matter when you stop in! Our services never cost money. We just want you to love your shoes, so we’re happy to help fit you!

  1. Do you work on commission?

None of our staff members work on commission or accept tips. We want you to love your shoes, and our 5 star customer service is part of how we ensure you will!

  1. What shoes do you wear?

Just like everyone’s fingerprint is different, every single pair of feet are unique! Your friend may LOVE their Hoka’s, Sue’s favorite are Brooks, but that doesn’t mean either brand will work for you! We carry all the top brands in the running specialty industry and our experienced staff can help you find the best shoes for YOU!

  1. What if I don’t like my shoes?

Our return policy is 30 days, no matter how much you’ve worn the shoes. Have we mentioned we want you to love your shoes? Be confident that we stand behind the products we sell.

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