Ocoee Horseride

Ride the hills of Tennessee on one of 12 friendly, majestic horses of various breeds. This privately owned ranch offers incredible mountain views and group activities just 10 minutes from Cleveland.

Please call (423) 432-2376 to book a trail trip or riding lessons today! You can also visit our website for more information: www.ocoeehorseride.com

Knut Torpe, the founder of Ocoee Horseride, came to the U.S. from Norway in 2015. In his home country he ran a family owned horseback riding business his whole adult life. Knut’s father, Eirik Torpe, founded the rancho in 1965 welcoming visitors from all over Europe to come and horseback ride in the majestic mountains of Norway every summer. This has been Knut’s childhood growing up.

So, why Tennessee? After visiting TN Knut has quickly realized that the region has a large potential for this kind of business compared to colder climates of Norway. The Cleveland, Tennessee and Ocoee Region attract a large number of outdoor lovers coming here for whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing, hunting and now horseback riding.

From I-75

Take exit 27 from I-75 then turn right to Paul Huff Parkway follow for about – 1.5 miles;
Continue onto Stuart Rd for 2.0 mi then turn left onto Michigan Ave Rd. and follow for about 2 miles;
Turn right onto Tasso Rd and follow for 2 miles, then slight left onto Chatata Valley Rd;
After about one mile turn right onto Old Bacon Rd NE; the ranch will be on your left.

Fishing In the Ocoee Region