Just Love Coffee Cafe

Just Love Coffee Cafe

Growing up as a die-hard Tennessee Vol fan, deeply rooted in the traditions of his parents’ alma mater, where his father played football, Brad Emendorfer decided to pursue a tennis scholarship at Clemson University in 1997. He represented the men’s tennis team from 1997 to 2001, with his final year serving as team captain. During a summer internship in Charleston, SC, he met his wife, Kristi. Soon after getting married, they settled in Southeast Tennessee, and Brad became a tennis coach and teaching pro at a local racket club in Knoxville. Their family grew with the arrival of two sons, John and George, and daughter, Mae. 

When not cheering on their children in their sporting endeavors, you’ll find Brad and his family fishing, golfing, hunting, or swimming, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Being rich in all these activities, Cleveland was a natural choice for Brad’s family. The genuine warmth and friendliness of its people make the place unique. 

It wasn’t long before Brad began exploring the restaurant industry and how to build teams and effectively serve others. In 2011, Brad and his cousin had the opportunity to open Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe. Over the years, they expanded to two locations in the Chattanooga area.

When Brad discovered Just Love Coffee Cafe and its mission to be a catalyst for love, he became intrigued to learn more. After experiencing the genuine values and hospitality of the brand, the decision to open a Just Love store became clear and made joining the Just Love family easy. 

With the brand’s mission and vision at heart, Brad uses the cafe to support local youth and equip them with the tools they need to navigate the future workforce. He aims to build a brighter future for our community through involvement in local initiatives that benefit the school system and youth development programs. Additionally, he holds a deep appreciation for the special needs community. That’s why Just Love Coffee Cafe: Cleveland is committed to providing opportunities for individuals with special needs to join our team and thrive. 

Just Love Coffee Cafe’s intent is always to provide you with exceptional coffee, genuine connections, and a spirit of giving back. Our goal is to be a destination to forge lasting memories, foster meaningful relationships, and make a positive difference in the lives of those in our community and to, well … just love.

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