The Cupcake Club

The Cupcake Club
The Cupcake Club

The cupcake club was birthed through a fusion of two passions…music and culinary delights, and we work as a team to deliver the purest and most remarkable forms of them both.

We are a family business, and as the mother of 7, with a total “Party of 9”, you can probably imagine that within such a large household, there is bound to be a vast array of taste bud preferences, alongside an allergy or two somewhere in the bunch.  And after having experienced the challenges that accompany the coming and going of allergies, I found that adopting a healthier, more organic, and non-GMO foodstyle was the way to overcome most of them.  However, what I didn’t realize at the time is that while eating cleaner may have been the better choice, the tradeoff was being limited in food fare and flavor that was comparably enjoyable.

Just when we thought we had our foodstyle in sync, I discovered that I had an allergy to corn and its byproducts, which forced a complete overhaul of our lifestyle and has led us through a journey of creating a clean food option that taste good…and that’s where The Cupcake Club comes in.

At the Cupcake Club you’re welcome to enjoy every flavor and every note….we not only want you to Yum, we want you to feel like the party has just begun!

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