Fireworks Supermarket

Fireworks Supermarket

At age 15, while his parents were busy managing their Branson, Missouri resort, Mike Ingram decided to bide the time by opening a fireworks stand. He had no experience selling fireworks, no place to store them, and no shelter to sell them from, but after mailing in his order to Goodman Fireworks in Little Rock, Arkansas, there was really no turning back.

Built from scrap lumber Mike was given from the local lumber yard, his first stand was pieced together from little more than determination. But even in its humble construction, the stand was an instant hit. The next summer, Mike bought more fireworks and built more stands until his business had grown enough to expand to nearby Springfield, Missouri.

Upon graduating from college in 1971, Mike bought out his wholesaler and formed Mid-American Fireworks, which is known today as Fireworks Over America—one of the largest importers and distributors of consumer fireworks in the United States.

Today, as President and C.E.O. of Ingram Enterprises, Mike serves on a number of boards and councils to promote the safe use of fireworks throughout the country, including the American Pyrotechnics Association, and the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory. He continues to bide his time in beautiful Southwest Missouri.
Our products are designed for awesomeness! This includes color blends, triple safety testing that exceeds government guidelines, and our no-dud guarantee. Just bring it back to one of our Fireworks Supermarkets stores with a receipt and we’ll make it right.

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