Bradley County Farmers’ Market

Bradley County Farmers’ Market

Farmers markets are a worldwide cultural phenomenon, whether it be London’s 1,000-year-old Borough Market or Bradley County’s own string of organized or pop-up roadside markets.

The original Bradley County Farmers Market, at 3110 Peerless Road in Cleveland, Tennessee might slip past you if you’re not paying attention. Truck beds and open hatchbacks overflowing with fresh local produce create the backdrop for each booth, which is usually no more than a table and a tent to keep the hot summer sun off the vendors.

There, consumers may find a jar of sweet clover honey from bees in Etowah or cartons of vine-ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.

Johnny Woods, a regular vendor at the market, said that as the summer progresses, more produce from Bradley County and surrounding counties will be available.

The market is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays--Spring thru Fall.

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3110 Peerless Road
Cleveland TN,
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